The Digital Media Lab (DmLab) of the School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete, offers 4 new PhD positions in the following fields:

  1. Digital Media and Cultural Heritage
  2. eXtended Reality (VR, AR, MR) in the Built Environment
  3. Smart Buildings / Smart Users
  4. Music and Architecture

Successful applicants will be expected to conduct self-motivated, high-quality research under supervision from faculty members at the School of Architecture, TUC. They will be encouraged to participate in research projects run by the Digital Media Lab ( and take advantage of its broad equipment, such as the highly anticipated Online Collaborative Environment for the Design, Analysis and Modeling of Buildings and Monuments in VR (an online VR system that will allow 10 users to collaborate remotely based on an NVIDIA RTX platform combining Artificial Intelligence and Ray Tracing – Rasterization capabilities with 8 graphic cards and 10 HTC Vive displays (

Applicants should hold a Master’s degree. Under special circumstances applicants without a Master’s degree could be accepted, provided they prove excellence in the proposed field (including at least 2 publications in accredited journals or book chapters). Part time teaching assistantship could be required at the Department of Architecture, TUC. There is no tuition fee for the PhD positions offered.
To apply in one of four above-mentioned positions, applicants should submit:
– a Research Proposal of about 2,000 words, outlining the research goals, hypothesis, methodology, contribution to knowledge and basic bibliography, as well as an estimated time plan with expected research results
– a CV
– certified copies of academic transcripts
– recommendation letters (at least 2 from faculty members)

Applicants should apply at the School of Architecture, TUC, by emailing their application to the Secretary of the Post Graduate Office, Ms. Ekaterini Malli at

For more information and a complete list of all required documents applicants should check the Regulation of the Doctoral Studies (

Or contact Dr. Panos Parthenios, Professor of Digital Media in Architectural Design at the School of Architecture, TUC, at

Those interested are encouraged to attend the DmLab virtual Open Day on Monday May 15, 2021, at  (Password: 824664)

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