Crete 3D

crete3d- featured

Conceptualisation of information allows improved visualisation and manipulation of large amounts of data. Especially  in  digitisation  of  cultural  heritage and  when  aiming  at  presenting  more  than  one  monuments, abstraction  of  information  becomes  the  key  solution.  Our  proposed  application  aims  to  present  the  main archaeological  monuments of Crete through a conceptual  3D  model and their evolution through time. The technical implementation is based on WebGL allowing the user to navigate among the main monuments and approach them gradually and interactively through different levels of detail. Furthermore, the ability to switch between the seven historical periods offers a comparative study of their evolution in time. Conceptualisation and abstraction of information through varied levels of detail allows the application to be available to anyone on the web, being computationally light and easy to use.

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