Mansion ARtX

AR Ancient Theater

Morphological, Architectural & coNStructional InfOrmatioN with Augmented Reality in Touring Experience

In collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens, the University of Aegean, SenseWorks and the Municipality of Kifissia – funded by the Partnership Agreement (PA) 2014-2020.

The proposed project aims at the creation of an innovative platform that will provide digital services and tour tools in cultural spaces (mansions) of the wider area of the Municipality of Kifissia, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality, 3D architectural diagrams and personalised tours, with the ultimate goal of creating new forms of interactive cultural experience.
The object of the project is the creation of an innovative augmented reality platform, accessible from portable and fixed devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.), through which the visitor will be able to browse the urban fabric under the guidance of a digital map, and to be guided to the mansions of Kifissia with the help of three-dimensional architectural diagrams that will provide condensed architectural information (history, typology, form, construction), rendered in an intelligible way.
The choice of the Municipality of Kifissia was made mainly due to the diversity of architectural styles that cover its mansions. This morphology of the mansions reflects the economic and social conditions that prevailed at the time they were built (ca. 1880 – 1935). Their documentation, dating and imprinting on a digital background – map, provides information about the evolution of Kifissia over time and complements the knowledge in relation to the history of the settlement.
The project will be implemented firstly with a process of documentation, architectural analysis and categorization of buildings and then with three-dimensional modeling of selected mansions using 3D Scanning technology and construction of the necessary three-dimensional diagrams. The development of the platform follows, as well as the implementation of the augmented reality application. The completion of the implementation of the platform will be followed by its pilot operation in the selected mansions of case study and its evaluation, applying appropriate methods of evaluation of the usability of the system with a focus on the user.

Plan of the Roman theatre according to Vitruvius
Ancient plan of the small theatre of Ierapetra (from Beschi, 1999)
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