Real-time 3D Interactive Application for Refining Urban Landscapes through their Musical Footprint

Diversification of urban realities carries new problems and fragility for which it is necessary to find adequate answers. Many of these problems are strongly connected to the lack of cohesion. There are many elements that can be interpreted to contribute to the cohesion of an urban environment, but in this research, we focus more on the cohesion that the buildings have among them.

Music, on one hand, is an art that we can not see, so many artists have tried to visualise the feelings of a musical piece. On the other hand music is mathematics. Music composition  is  basically  a  mathematical  exercise  and  that  is  the  reason  that many scientists and engineers try to use music with their respective field. Architecture is defined as the art and practice of designing and making buildings.  Architecture is an art but is also limited by mathematics and the laws of physics. An architect just like a musician will compose a piece through combining smaller composition of smaller pieces.

MusiCityX can result to a creative experience composing urban environments with different aspects that would not result only through the vision-based digital designing tools.

Maria Algiannaki Diploma Thesis project

Advisor: associate prof. Katerina Mania

Committee: associate prof. Katerina Mania, prof. George Karystinos, prof. Panos Parthenios

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