Reveal The Immaterial

Subtract the Material  – Reveal the Immaterial

Projecting romantic scenes of black & white movies onto a sculptural representation of a contemporary city made of old timeworn computer hardware parts.

Everyone and each one of us is intentionally or unintentionally adding bits to its physical environment. As a result space in our cities has been congested and heavily polluted by a broad palette of ambient urban litter. Why not stop adding and start subtracting. We, as a society, and thus the avatars of our culture, our cities, do not need more; we need less. We, designers, have an ethical responsibility to address the issue of overconsumption, the exuberance of materialism and start intervening to our cities by subtracting what is not needed. People do not need more bricks, cables and stands; they need more space to breathe, feel, communicate, express themselves, live. 


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