VR Museum

AR Ancient Theater


Designing a Virtual Museum using Immersive Reality

Information Technology and Cultural Heritage – Master’s degree program – School of Architecture – TUC

VR-Museum is an idea realized in the context of the graduate course of ‘’information technology and cultural heritage‘’ at the period of 2018-2019. The aim of the course was to design a VR-museum in which the visitors can walk through the designed place and admire the exhibits. Additionally, the visitors have the opportunity to edit the exhibits, to move them and to rotate them, an opportunity that they cannot have in a real museum. 

First attempt

The first attempt was to create a two floor museum, which finally found that it is not possible, because of the difficulties of the program.  It was not possible to determine the level (0,0) even if the imported building was adjusted to (0,0) by the import program. There is no possibility to change the level. That is, in case of the existence of the 2nd floor, no transfer can be made to it, but it remains on one level (1st).

Second attempt

The second attempt was realized into one floor designed place, in which we developed our project. 


Dania Panagiota

Kouroupaki Matenia

Lagou Anna Maria

Terzidakis Andreas

Tsinari Mariantzela


Panos Parthenios

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