Documenting Damages

Documenting Damages

Documenting damages on a monument using Immersive Reality

Projection of 2D documentation drawings on a 3D SfM model

The purpose of this research project is to display a building’s structural condition, through the use of multiple layers, inside a 3D digital environment. The creation of interactive 3D models, that incorporate vector and raster documentation, for non-pervasive studies of historical monuments in Cultural Heritage, could in many ways facilitate a study by offering a mix of advantages. The object of study is a small Ottoman hammam, a listed monument, which is located in the village of Mournies, Chania, in Crete. It is a building of great historical and architectural interest which has an impressive amount of rare, decorative and morphological elements. Several deteriorations are located, that vary depending on where they are and require immediate restoration. This paper presents the process of creating a 3D documentation model that could be considered as a multiple-use documentation tool. The main stages of this process are Work on site, Creation of Virtual Replica, Creation of 2D documentation drawings and Creation of 3D documentation. Although the quality and timing of the outcome depend on some technical features, the 3D documentation model can be created using common software and hardware. It is a fast, low cost and flexible technique for documenting and visualizing deterioration of monuments in a 3D environment and offers the potential for future work.


Georgios VIDALIS

Ioannis – Georgios INGLEZAKIS





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