Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive Digital Signage for Olympic Brewery S.A.

The project consists of an interactive digital signage system for the new offices of Olympic Brewery S.A. (Carlsberg Group) in Athens. After studying the spatial characteristics of the two floor spaces a new “hub” is designed at the center of the space, in order to function as a “digital heart” for the company: foster team spirit, enhance productivity, build a corporate culture and share ideas, thoughts, news, announcements, educational and entertainment material for all employees and employers in order to make one single team. Social media feeds from the company and the other companies of the group run in real time on the video wall from Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, while advertisements and announcements show up in different time spots. Most importantly, employees and groups are able to share their content on the wall, in order to inform, celebrate, communicate or entertain.

    EcoMotivate Presentation
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