SfM for Inelastic Response

SfM for Inelastic Response


Using SfM to calculate a monument’s inelastic dynamic response

This research uses Structure from Motion (SfM) techniques to survey inaccessible monument structures and presents its application on capturing Kornarou Square’s philanthropic fountain in Heraklion, Crete. A series of aerial and terrestrial photos of the fountain were combined in order to build the 3D geometry of the monument using Agistoft’s Photoscan. This 3D model was used to study the dynamic behavior of the fountain.The fountain’s response was determined through multiple inelastic dynamic analyses using MSC Marc. The analyses results were summarized in the average dynamic curve. Furthermore, in this paper, the nominal life of the fountain is estimated by Performance Based Assessment.

Keywords: 3D photoscan, multi step dynamic analysis, virtual archaeology, digital archaeology, structure from motion, Performance Based Assessment

 Alexandros Lyratzakis, Panagiotis Parthenios, Maria Stavroulaki

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