User Centric Museum

Using big data to design user-centric museums  

From visitors loyal to museums to museums loyal to users

 With a view to design-led digital applications that meet the material world, we create hybrid spaces, where the user/visitor is active and takes part in one action in the material and virtual world. So, today, museums all over the world face the opportunity to re-invent themselves and their relationships with their visitors. They establish a complex non-linear dynamic ecosystem. Τhis transformation brings out series of queries, such as the role of the architect that redefines the museum process and the new terms in the museum context. This paper refers to the dynamic changes that define a hybrid environment, describes the transformation into a user-centric museum and the approach to create visitor/user-centered museum and how this was applied into the Archaeological Museum in Chania, Crete. A museum that places visitors at the center of its mission.

Keywords: user-centric museum, hypersonalisation, museography, experience, architecture

Vasiliki Tsitsipa, George Achillias, Panagiotis Parthenios

user centric museum 3
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